Innovative Wood Framing

Construction is a dynamic industry. Even with more than 40 years as a building firm, Ward-Henshaw is ready to work with new, innovative products and solutions, especially in the world of framing.

Innovative framing materials create unique solutions

With advances in technology, the desire to control costs without losing quality, and goals related to sustainable building practices, builders have no time to rest. Therefore, we remain flexible in order to deliver innovative solutions. That includes working with a number of framing materials, such as:

Cross-laminated timber (CLT)
CLT involves pieces of dimension lumber layered in alternating directions, and bonded into massive panels. We routinely work with CLT panels as large as 50’X20’. CLT is strong enough to replace concrete and steel in almost any size building or structure.

Mass-panel plywood (MPP)
MPP was the first veneer-based mass timber panel in the world. Today, MPP is steadily finding its way into more and commercial, industrial, and residential building projects.

Glulam members
Glulam are stress-rated, engineered wood beams, made up of wood laminations that are bonded with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. Glulam is an extremely versatile solution, whether a project calls for straight or curved beams.

Heavy Timber Framing
Heavy timber framing is known for its strong visual appeal. This type of framing uses large, rustic timbers, or structural glulams, joined together with mortise and tenon joinery, or metal joinery, to accentuate the aesthetic, and provide essential support.

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