Built to scale

The Ward-Henshaw team is built with diversity and inclusion in mind. Our culture inspires the best in our people. Individually and collectively, we bring our best to every project, and care about achieving common, client-focused goals.

We recruit with teamwork in mind

At our core, we are builders first. When we’re hiring, we look for people who like to get into the details, and figure out the difficult stuff as a group. Therefore, our people tend to be hands-on, and always ready to roll up their sleeves.

Meet Our People

Michael Eubanks


Jason Asher

Vice President

Kim Gray


Jim Tobin

General Superintendent

Cole Birch

Project Management

Wade Hillard

Field Supervision

Jay Osborn

Field Supervision

Dan Gerritsen

Field Supervision

Michael Durham

Field Supervision

Moises Torres Rodriquez

Field Supervision

Ben Strickland

Field Supervision

Cameron Price

Field Supervision

Jesse Dressler

Field Supervision

Jake Gibson

Field Supervision