Ward-Henshaw is ready for the demands of complex construction projects

Expect outstanding results

Ward-Henshaw’s name on a contract means quality, experience, and the professional knowhow of 40+ years in the construction industry. From our extensive experience as a qualified prestressed tank contractor and our work as structural concrete experts, to large seismic upgrades, wood framing, commercial siding, and cross-laminated timber (CLT), we bring the people and experience needed to manage every demand, no matter how complex.

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Our work continues to evolve

The sum of our capabilities extends far beyond concrete. Today, we are prepared to manage and support small or large construction projects for institutions, municipalities, corporations, and private citizens throughout the West. Discover the full scope of our work.

We’re built with structural integrity

Founded in 1977, Ward-Henshaw continues to evolve our services, while keeping the same approach to teamwork, and onsite leadership, we’ve always had. Learn more about how we’re built, and the elements that inform the structural integrity of our firm.

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A strong team of builders and jobsite leaders

We create talented, diverse teams of professionals and builders, and recruit with an essential goal in mind—to help people become leaders that clients trust. The net result is a low-ego, high output environment where people are empowered to deliver solutions that clients need.

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