Specialized construction projects throughout the West

In the late 1970s, Ward-Henshaw established ourselves as structural concrete experts. To date, concrete reservoirs continue to be one of our core specialties. In fact, we’re one of only three firms in the entire Pacific Northwest with these capabilities.

As we discovered, structural concrete was just our beginning.

Finding new ways to build

When you delve into the full scope of our work, you discover that our history provided an ideal platform for growth. We’re still specialists, but we’ve expanded in a way that allows us to provide specialty construction solutions across a broad range of project types, materials, and goals.

Today, our work covers plenty of ground across the Western U.S. Our crews are involved in water treatment and storage facilities, specialty concrete, wood framing and siding, cross-laminated timber, and performing seismic upgrades to private, public, and commercial buildings and sites.

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Current Projects

Here are the projects we're currently working on.

Prestressed Concrete Reservoirs

Ward-Henshaw has been managing large, prestressed concrete reservoir projects since our start.

Water Treatment Facilities

Working with water treatment facilities has been a major part of Ward-Henshaw’s services and solutions from the start.

Structural & Site Concrete

We bring full-service solutions to jobsites, whether a project calls for structural concrete construction, site concrete pouring, or both.

Concrete Tilt-Up

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, Ward-Henshaw is recognized as concrete tilt-up specialists. We continually look to incorporate tilt-up efficiencies…

Structural Wood Framing

We are equipped to handle needs related to heavy-frame and light-frame construction, whether it involves wood, engineered wood products, or steel.

Innovative Wood Framing

Construction is a dynamic industry. Even with more than 40 years as a building firm, Ward-Henshaw is ready to work with new, innovative products and…

Seismic Improvements

Thousands of buildings and structures throughout the West are unprepared to handle the impact of a large earthquake. With our proximity to the…

Miscellaneous Steel Installation

Today’s engineering requirements dictate integration of wood and steel systems to meet design requirements. From support columns to drag struts to…

Wood Siding & Soffits

Throughout the West, buildings experience dynamic shifts in weather, day in and out. That includes onslaughts of rain, wind, cold snaps, and period…

Specialty Installation

Our familiarity of various materials and systems sets the ground work for specialty items installation. Ward-Henshaw has the capabilities to furnish…