Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant (PGWWTP) Reservoir

Ward-Henshaw was awarded this alternative delivery design-assist and construction project through a Request For Bid Proposal process (RFBP) as a prequalified prestressed tank subcontractor for two (2) 1.7MG prestressed concrete anaerobic digesters for the City of Roseville, CA for their Pleasant Grove Waste Water Treatment Plan (PGWWTP). Our team assisted the General Contractor and Design Engineers during the final design of the two digesters in advance of digester construction start in April 2020. One of the most challenging features includes 41 foot tall walls with a narrow radius of 45 feet. Floor slabs involve a hopper bottom slope while the roof requires a haunch transitional-sloped concrete dome roof that is keyed into the inside face of the core walls. Numerous wall and roof penetrations and circular manways will be provided. Scheduled completion is spring of 2021.