Prestressed Concrete Reservoirs

Ward-Henshaw has been managing large and small, prestressed concrete reservoir projects since our start in 1977. As the General Contractor, CM/GC or Subcontractor on reservoir projects throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, we develop and integrate solutions, manage teams of people, partner with professional engineers, and provide construction solutions for projects with budgets of $500,000 to upwards of $25,000,000.

Our goal is to build concrete reservoirs that last longer, stand up against the potential of erosion and are extremely resilient to seismic events like no other design.

Every detail matters

There are no shortages of details to manage or focus on when it comes to the needs of prestressed concrete reservoir projects. We factor every detail into our thinking, preparation, and delivery, including timelines, budgets, weather, scheduling crews and maintaining a safe work environment.

Ward-Henshaw routinely manages pre-stressed concrete reservoir projects that solve a number of needs, including:

  • Solving potable water needs for municipalities and communities
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Storage of industrial liquids and chemicals
  • Seismic improvements and retrofits
  • Increased capacity of existing facilities

We also focus on meeting the expectations of adjacent property owners who live or work in the vicinity of the site, whether they are concerned with construction noise, or mitigating potential environmental challenges related to the site build.

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