Will Crandall Reservoir & Pump Station

Ward-Henshaw was selected through the RFP process for this CM/GC project for the City of Hillsboro involving design assistance, constructability review, and the construction of a 10MG pre-stressed concrete reservoir and 3,500 SF, 11.2MGD CMU booster pump station. Design phase included GMP and cost modeling at 30%, 60%, 90% and final design. Early design called for steel piling soil stabilization. Through constructability review Ward-Henshaw was able to alert the team of noise concerns to the nearby residents and assisted the team with exploring quieter alternatives. Deep cement treated soil mixing met the design criteria and eliminated the noise and offered cost reductions to the overall cost. Extensive electrical, instrumentation and controls were needed. Water treatment chlorination and water quality monitoring equipment were provided along with tank and underdrain pump stations, detention pond, hydroelectric power generation system and diesel backup generator.